Alysha & Will Are Engaged! | Kayla Creamer Photography & Film | Ayer, MA Photographer

So remember a few weeks ago when I mentioned that I had a session that would be taking place at a bar and I was super excited about it? Well, THIS happened last weekend! If you’ve been following my work for a while, you’ve probably seen Alysha and Will pop up on my site, Facebook, Twitter, and pretty much every other social media site you can find me on. Most recently, I got to meet their little guy, Logan, who is 7 months old now! Time flies! These two got engaged last summer and I couldn’t have been more excited that they asked me to photograph their wedding next year. The venue is AMAZING!

Alysha knew from the get go that she and Will wanted to do something unique and classy for their engagement session. They wanted to do their session at an upscale bar. Lucky for us, Will happens to know the owners of Sweet Caroline’s in Boston! If you’re ever in the area, you absolutely have to check them out. They’re located right by Fenway Park…In fact, I had the pleasure of having Melissa from Colors of Her Heart Photography shooting along with me and she got an awesome shot of Alysha and WIll from outside and you can see Fenway in the reflection. One of my favorite shots from the session, by the way. You can check it out over on my Facebook page, if you haven’t seen it yet. Sweet Caroline’s has this fabulous wall, which is called a “living wall,” that has live ivy growing out of it. I’ve never seen anything like it. It made for a really cool backdrop. Will helped build the wall and do the stonework throughout the restaurant. The place is just incredible. The staff at Sweet Caroline’s were fantastic and willing to put up with us pretty much taking over the space for a few hours and I can’t thank them enough for helping us to make this session possible.

Once we finished up at Sweet Caroline’s, we headed off to the North End for a few more shots. I also got my first taste of gelato, which was awesome! That’s another story for another time though. All in all, I’d say we all had a fantastic time. At least I know I did. We got some great shots in the process and I’m still editing away at them, but I’m excited to share a few more here on the blog. Enjoy!

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