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I’ve been a little slow with the updates lately.  I’m sure any regular readers are saying, “Sure, what’s new?”  Life has been crazy lately.  I’ve got a few pieces of news to share.  First of all, I’m excited to be doing more work with Anthony over at Dark White Media this year, as I’m going to be joining his team of super talented wedding videographers at Caddigan Films.  Speaking of Dark White Media and films, Ashley Jordan has just announced the premier dates for the two music videos that we shot a few weeks ago.  “Smoke on This Gun” will be premiering at the Hard Rock Cafe in Boston at 8 pm on April 4, where Ashley will also be performing live.  That show is 21+.  If you’d like to check out that show, head here to get tickets.  On April 5, she’ll be premiering “Drink Some Whiskey,” which was the video where we shot all of those great destruction scenes.  Ashley will be performing at that show as well, which will be at The Skellig in Waltham, MA.  The Skellig show is open to all ages and will take place from 5-9 pm.  If you’d like to get tickets to that show, head here.

In other news, it looks like Facebook is making more changes, changes that will specifically impact business pages.  I must say, there’s nothing more frustrating than sharing a post and only having 30 out of a little over 1400 people see it.  Of course, I sometimes wonder if there’s any accuracy to Facebook’s stats when it comes to how many views a post has had.  Anyway, it seems like almost over night a large portion of the photography community moved over to Google+.  I decided to join them for a number of reasons, the biggest being that Google+ doesn’t seem to decide whether or not you want to see certain posts for you.  I’ve also read that photos look much better on Google+ which is always, well, a plus for photographers.  I set up my page and while it’s still a bit of a work in progress, I’d love it if anyone who is on Google+ would take a moment to follow me over there.  Make sure that you click the “Follow” button and add me to one of your circles.  If you just hit the +1 button, that’s kind of like giving my page a thumbs up, but it won’t actually ensure that you get updates from me.

For my last update of the evening, I realize that my business name is Kayla Creamer Photography & Film, yet you don’t really see a lot of samples of my film work up here.  I intend to fix that soon.  I’ll be adding a new category, hopefully this weekend, for my film samples and I’m also planning to tie up some loose ends as far as my photo galleries.  That being said, I’ve also been thinking about doing some video tip posts.  If there’s something you’ve been dying to know about video, leave a comment below and maybe I’ll write a blog post about it!

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